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Article 3 Drivers

1. Motorists must drive with the diligence and caution necessary to avoid any damage to themselves or others, taking care not to endanger either themselves or other occupants of the vehicle and the rest of road users. It is strictly forbidden to drive in a negligent or reckless manner (article 9.2 of the articulated text).

 We should distinguish between negligent and reckless driving,

– Negligent: carelessness, lack of care.  A serious infraction

– Reckless: driving is considered to be reckless when the driver is shown to be aware of their actions, knowing that such action may endanger their own safety and other road users. In the case of a real risk, a criminal charge will be made for a crime against road safety, however if it subsequently becomes a crime, it would then be considered a very serious offence which entails the withdrawal of points from the licence. “

2. Conduct referred to as negligent driving will be considered as a serious offence. Behaviour defined as reckless driving will be considered a very serious offence.





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