Home SECTION I GENERAL RULES OF DRIVING BEHAVIOUR CHAPTER I GENERAL RULES Article 4 Activities affecting the safety of traffic

Article 4 Activities affecting the safety of traffic

by Mark Nolan

1. The carrying out of works, installations, placement of containers, street furniture or any other element or object permanently or provisionally on the roads or land subject to the application of the legislation on traffic, motor vehicle traffic and road safety will require prior authorisation by its owner and will be governed by the provisions of the highway legislation and its development regulations, as well as municipal regulations. The same norms will be applicable to the interruption of works due to circumstances or special characteristics of traffic, which can be carried out at the request of the autonomous Jefatura Central de Tráfico (article 10.1 of the articulated text).

Any work, even of a provisional nature, carried out on public roads will require prior authorisation.

2. It is prohibited to throw, deposit or abandon on roads, objects or materials that may hinder free movement, stopping or parking, in such a way to make them dangerous or cause deterioration to the roads or facilities, or produce on it or in its vicinity, effects that modify the required conditions for movement, stopping or parking (article 10.2 of the articulated text).

Be careful when travelling with children so that they do not throw any object that could cause a risky situation. A simple soda can could cause a rider or cyclist to fall. You should also bear in mind that if you are doing any loading or unloading of goods, they should not be left on the road or the hard shoulder because they could obstruct the passage of vehicles. Think that if you put an object on the hard shoulder, you are making it harder for users of this road, forcing them to use the lane to continue, with the danger that this manoeuvre may entail.

This rule also prohibits the washing or repairing of a vehicle on a public street, because the water can pose a hazard, especially to the likes of cyclists. Water alone poses a risk but soapy water can be even more dangerous, as can oil.

3. No apparatus, installation or construction shall be installed on roads or lands subject to the scope of the legislation on traffic, movement of motor vehicles and road safety, nor shall actions such as filming, surveys or tests be carried out, even if provisional or temporary, which may hinder movement.

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