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Article 11 Collective passenger transport

1. The driver must stop the vehicle and pull away without jerks or sudden movements, as close as possible to the right edge of the road, and will avoid doing anything that could cause a distraction whist driving; the driver or person in charge, as applicable, will oversee the safety of passengers while the vehicle is in motion as well as when they are getting on or off.

2. In vehicles intended for the public service of collective transport of people, passengers are forbidden from:

A) distracting the driver while the vehicle is in motion.

B) getting on or off anywhere other than at designated stops.

C) getting on after being told the vehicle is full.

D) unnecessarily obstructing gangways intended for the movement of passengers.

E) carrying animals unless the vehicle has a designated place for their transport. An exemption is made for the blind with dogs, especially trained guide dogs, which are always under their owner’s responsibility.

F) carrying dangerous materials or objects in a manner that contravenes the specific regulations concerning them.

G) disregarding instructions given by the driver or person in charge of the vehicle about the service.

The driver and, where applicable, the person in charge of vehicles intended for the public service of collective transport must stop anyone getting on, or require them to get off, if they fail to comply with the rules in this section.





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