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Article 14 Arrangement of the load

1. Loads transported in a vehicle, as well as any accessories or equipment used for the transport and protection of the load, must be arranged in a manner that safeguards against the load being able to:

A) Drag, partially or totally fall, or any displacement of the load that could cause danger.

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Everything must be secured in and on the vehicle and not pose a danger to other road users, either actual or potential.

B) Compromise the stability of the vehicle.

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Sometimes, we use a van to transport appliances or furniture, which must be secured so that there is no risk of them moving inside the vehicle when a turn is made.

C) Produce noise, dust or other annoyances that can be avoided.

If you transport sand, or any other materials that can easily move in the vehicle do not forget to cover it effectively as it can cause problems to motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, and in case of an accident as a result of that falling, you will be the responsible.

D) Obscure the vehicle´s lights and/or signals, any compulsory signs or badges, or any manual warnings made by the driver.

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A very common mistake is to transport a bicycle on the back of a vehicle, hiding the lights, which requires the installation of extra lights.

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2.The transport of materials that produce dust or can fall must always be totally and effectively covered.

If you take a trailer and transport prunings or other material that is at risk of some of it falling on the road, you must cover it with a mesh or net.

3. The transport of annoying, harmful, unhealthy or dangerous loads, as well as loads that require specialised storage and transport conditions, must comply with the specific rules that regulate their transportation.

Remember that if you are going to transport or purchase gasoline for domestic use, even in small quantities, you must do so in approved containers that can be purchased at any gas station





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