Article 19 Visibility inside the vehicle

by Mark Nolan

1. The glassed surface of the vehicle must allow, at all times, a clear view for the driver, especially of the road he/she is driving on, without interference from any kind of stickers.

Sunscreen stickers: Be careful installing large stickers on the front of your vehicle because if they hinder your vision, you will not pass the ITV and you could get a ticket. The use of any plastic sheeting on the windscreen of the vehicle is prohibited.

The ITV sticker certifying that the vehicle has passed the mandatory test, the ECO rating sticker and the “car share” stickers are the only ones authorised to be attached to the windscreen.

Stickers or sun shades are only allowed in the back windows when the vehicle has two exterior rear view mirrors that comply with the necessary technical specifications.

However, the use of stickers on vehicles is allowed under the conditions established in the regulation of vehicles.

Having a tinted windscreen is prohibited in vehicles registered in Spain although in some countries, like France, this is legal.  Vehicles registered in countries where this is permitted can have tinted windscreens while they are on holiday in Spain, but once a vehicle is registered in Spain the tinted windscreen needs to be removed.

Vehicles with licence plates from other countries are subject to the legislation of their respective countries in terms of approval of and installation of parts in the vehicle, so they cannot be sanctioned for something that is allowed in their country, as long as it does not affect road safety.If you have tinted windows installed at the back of your vehicle, remember that you do not have to take the vehicle to the ITV station to have the tinted windows included in the technical inspection form; it is sufficient to take the Certificate of Approval issued by the installing mechanic’s workshop. 

The placement of badges provided for in transport, and other, legislation must be done in such a way that the driver’s clear vision is not restricted in any way.

2. The placement of unapproved tinted or coloured glass is forbidden.

If you decide to install tinted adhesives, remember that they must be approved, and installed by an authorised workshop that must issue a certificate of installation. If, with the passage of time, bubbles are produced in the sheets, you should replace them.  Be careful! When buying adhesive films online, they must be approved. It is advisable to buy them in authorised stores only.

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