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Article 45 Adaptation of speed to the circumstances

Every driver is obliged to respect the established speed limits and additionally take into account, their own physical and mental conditions, the characteristics and condition of the road, the vehicle and its load, the meteorological, environmental and traffic conditions, and, in general, any circumstance that may occur at any time, in order to adapt the speed of their vehicle to them, so that you can always stop within the limits of your field of vision and any obstacle that may arise.

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Sometimes we drive in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, …), remember that in these cases, you must adapt your speed to the state of the road.


There are often many incidents with the first rain / snow, because the driver does not realise the risk of continuing to drive at the same speed that they been doing; because of the loss of tyre grip on the road, made worse by a dry covering between the surface and water, the braking distance increases, so we must reduce speed to the conditions for us to control the vehicle in any circumstance.


Remember that if you have a collision in which it is proven that the main cause was not adapting the speed to the state of the road, you could be fined.





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