Home SECTION II ABOUT THE MOVEMENT OF VEHICLES CHAPTER II SPEED SECTION 3 COMPETITIONS Article 55 Sports competitions, cycling tours and other events

Article 55 Sports competitions, cycling tours and other events

by Mark Nolan

1. Sporting event celebrations whose purpose is to compete in distance or time through roads or land subject to traffic legislation, traffic and road safety, as well as the performance rules of cycling or other events, will require prior authorisation which will be issued in accordance with the standards indicated in annex II of this regulation, which will control said activities.

Cyclists engaged in activities involving more than 50 riders.


2. It is forbidden to enter speed competitions on public roads or those for public use, unless, exceptionally, they have been permitted to be used for this purpose by the competent authority (article 20.5 of the articulated text).

3. Violations of the rules of this provision will be considered very serious, as provided in article 65.5.g) of the articulated text, without prejudice to measures adopted by the agents in charge of traffic surveillance to suspend, interrupt or dissolve unauthorised sports events.

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