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Article 67 Priority vehicles

1. Public and private emergency services vehicles have priority over other vehicles and road users when they are engaged in service. They may exceed speed limits and do not have to comply with other rules or signs in the situations and with the conditions determined in this section (article 25).

2. Drivers of these emergency services vehicles will use this special regime judiciously and only when carrying out an emergency service, and will take care not to violate the priority at junctions or traffic lights without first taking the utmost precautions, until they are convinced that there is no risk of knocking down pedestrians and that drivers of other vehicles have stopped or are giving way to them.


When an emergency vehicle is in service, its driver will pay particular attention and take the utmost precautions to ensure that there is no risk of running over pedestrians, and that drivers of other vehicles have stopped to give way or are about to do so.


3. The installation of light-emitting devices and special acoustic signals in emergency vehicles requires authorisation from the relevant Provincial Traffic Headquarters, pursuant to the regulations governing vehicles.





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