As soon as they notice the special signals that notify the proximity of a priority vehicle, other drivers will adopt the appropriate measures, according to the circumstances of the time and place, to facilitate their passage, normally moving to their right or stopping if necessary.

Failure to facilitate the passage of an emergency vehicle, after becoming aware of its presence, is grounds for a penalty for a serious driving offence. Be careful regarding loud music, or the use of headphones, as you could fail to hear the sound of the sirens of an emergency service vehicle .


When a police vehicle that shows its presence in accordance with the provisions of article 68.2 is located behind any other vehicle and also activates a device for emitting red lights in an intermittent or flashing way, the driver of the other vehicle must stop on the right-hand side, with the necessary precautions, in front of the police vehicle, in a place where he will not create significant risk or inconvenience for other road users, and will remain inside their vehicle. At all times the driver will adjust their behaviour to the instructions given by the police officer through the public address system or by any other means that may be clearly perceived by the former.

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The Guardia Civil have a RED coloured light device installed on all of their vehicles, 2 and 4 wheeled, and when a driver sees this signal turned on, they must look for a safe area to stop their vehicle.


Once the vehicle is stopped, no occupant, including the driver, should get out of the vehicle, staying in the vehicle until the police officer approaches, which will be on the safest side according to the direction of the traffic.