Article 71 Traffic and signalling regulations

by Mark Nolan

1. The traffic regulations will be those established in annex III of this regulation, in addition to the general rules that apply to them.


Special vehicles can only use the roads subject of traffic legislation to travel, not being able to carry out the tasks for which they are intended based on their technical characteristics, with the exception of those that carry out construction, repair or maintenance work on the roads exclusively in the areas where said works are carried out and those specifically designed to tow damaged, broken down or badly parked vehicles. Nor can special vehicles transport any cargo, except for those specifically intended to provide special transport services, for which they must provide the appropriate authorisation.

Drivers of special vehicles and, exceptionally, those who are not, used for construction, repair or maintenance of roads, are not required to observe the traffic regulations, provided that they are performing such work in the area where they are carried out, and they take the necessary precautions and the traffic is suitably controlled.


2. During the work, drivers of vehicles intended for works or services will use the V-2 light signal:


A) When they hold up or hinder traffic, only to indicate their position to other users, if they are vehicles specifically designed to tow those damaged, broken down or badly parked.

B) When working on cleaning, maintenance, signalling or, in general, repair of the roads, only to indicate their situation to other users, if this may pose a danger to them; the special vehicles destined for these purposes, if it is a motorway or dual carriageway, also, from their entrance to it until arriving at the place where the mentioned works are carried out.

3. Whilst driving, drivers of special vehicles or special transport must use the said illuminated signal both day and night, as long as they drive on public roads at a speed not exceeding 40 kilometres per hour. In case of failure of this signal, dipped-beam headlamps must be used together with hazard lights.

4. Breaches of the rules regarding the obligation to have installed in the vehicle the luminous signalling will be penalised in accordance with that set out in article 67.2 of the stated text.

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