Home SECTION II ABOUT THE MOVEMENT OF VEHICLES CHAPTER V JOINING TRAFFIC Article 73 Obligation of other drivers to facilitate the manoeuvre

Article 73 Obligation of other drivers to facilitate the manoeuvre

by Mark Nolan

1. Irrespective of the obligation of drivers of vehicles that enter the traffic to comply with the requirements of the previous article, these other drivers shall facilitate, as far as possible, this manoeuvre, especially when it concerns a collective passenger transport vehicle that wants to enter the traffic from a signed stop (article 27 of the articulated text).

As far as possible one must facilitate the manoeuvre of a vehicle that is entering the traffic flow, and must not under any circumstances accelerate and so hinder them from joining the traffic.


2. In populated areas, in order to facilitate the movement of collective passenger transport vehicles, drivers of other vehicles must move sideways, whenever possible, or reduce their speed, in compliance with the provisions of article 53, coming to a stop, if necessary, so that the collective passenger transport vehicles can carry out the necessary manoeuvre to continue their progress from the exit of the stops marked as such.


3. The provisions of the previous section do not change the obligation of drivers of collective passenger transport vehicles to adopt the necessary precautions to avoid any risk of a collision, after having notified by means of their direction indicators their intention to resume progress.

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