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Article 74 General rules

1. The driver of a vehicle that intends to turn to the right or to the left to use a road other than the one being driven on in order to take another lane on the same road or to leave it, must warn other drivers in advance and give them notice. Drivers must make sure that the vehicles behind them have time to change their speed and that the distance of the vehicles that are coming in the opposite direction is safe, allowing them to carry out the manoeuvre without any danger, refraining to do so if these circumstances do not occur. The driver should also refrain from carrying out any manoeuvre when they wish to turn left and they don’t have good visibility. (article 28.1 of the articulated text).

2. Any manoeuvre regarding a sideways turn that involves a lane change must be carried out giving priority to the vehicle who is occupying the lane that the driver wishes to join. (article 28.2 of the articulated text).

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Every day collisions occur at roundabouts, because the vehicle driving in the left lane decides to leave the roundabout directly from that lane, crossing the right lane, not respecting the priority of the vehicle that was driving in the right lane and colliding with it.


If at the time of changing lanes at the roundabout there is too much traffic in the lane you intend to occupy, and you cannot do it, you should not stop the vehicle in the roundabout, obstructing the vehicles that are travelling behind, you should take another turn around the roundabout.


Remember that activating the indicator signal does not give priority over other vehicles, nor to change lanes. Respect the vehicles that move in the lane you are going to occupy


3. Infringements of the rules of these requirements will be considered a serious matter, as foreseen in article 65.4.c) of the articulated text.





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