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Article 77 Deceleration lanes

To leave a motorway, carriageway or any other road, drivers must give plenty of notice by driving in the lane closest to the exit for a good amount of time, and enter the deceleration lane as soon as possible, if there is one.

Remember that you must always leave the highway from the right-hand lane. There are cases of drivers who drive in the left lane and directly leave the highway from that lane, stopping the vehicles that drive in the right lane.


This manoeuvre is considered a serious infraction. You must leave the road from the lane located to the right.


If you ride a bicycle and moped and you are going to make a left turn, you should not stop in the lane waiting to make the turn, except if there is a lane to make the turn safely, you must leave the road on the right side,  wait until vehicles on both sides have passed and make the turn. This measure is applied due to the number of crashes from the back that these vehicles receive when they are on the road and waiting to make a turn to the left, owing to reduced space, they are less visible to the rest of the drivers and for this is always advisable to make the turn from outside the road.





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