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Article 83 Advancement on multi-lane roads

1. On roads that have at least two lanes reserved for traffic in the direction of their movement, the driver who is going to overtake may remain in the lane that they have used for the previous move, provided they are sure that they can do it within enough time so as not to cause a hindrance for the drivers of vehicles behind them.

2. When the movement of vehicles is so densely spaced that the vehicles occupy the entire width of the road and can only move at a speed that depends on the one that precedes them in its lane, the fact that those in a lane move more quickly that those of another will not be considered as overtaking.

In this situation, no driver must change lanes to overtake or perform any other manoeuvre other than preparing to turn left or right, exit the road or choose a certain direction.

Sometimes in traffic jams there are drivers who want to save some time and start zigzagging by changing lanes only to overtake vehicles. This type of manoeuvre is totally forbidden, since you can only change lanes for the above mentioned reasons .


3. In any stretch of road where there are acceleration or deceleration lanes or parts of the road intended exclusively for the traffic of certain vehicles, it will not be considered overtaking if the vehicle moves more quickly than those in normal traffic lanes, or vice versa.

4. Infringements of the rules of these requirements will be considered a serious matter, as foreseen in the article 65.4.c) of the articulated text. Bear in mind that the reference to the article 65.4.c) must be understood made to the article 65.4.a ), as established in the third final provision of this Regulation, introduced by section ten of the single article of the RD 965/2006, of September 1, by which the General Regulation of Circulation is modified, approved by R.D. 1428/2003, of November 21 (“B.O.E.” September 5).





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