1. Likewise, in the circumstances indicated in the previous article, any vehicle that finds any obstacle in their way that forces them to occupy the space provided for the opposite direction of its movement may overtake, provided that they have made sure that they can do it safely. The same precaution will be observed when the obstacle or the immobilised vehicle is in a section of road where overtaking is allowed.

Speed reducing bands are not obstacles in the road, they are an element of road safety, they are installed to reduce the speed in sections where it is necessary for different reasons; a high number of incidents, abuses, school zone, etc … These bands should not be driven around or avoided in any way, so you should reduce your speed and pass over them at a speed that allows you to do it safely.


2. Infringements of the rules of these requirements will be considered a serious matter, as foreseen in article 65.4.d) of the articulated text.


Note that the reference to article 65.4.c) should be understood as referring to article 65.4.a), as established in the third final provision of this Regulation, introduced by section ten of the single article of the R.D. 965/2006, of September 1, by which the General Regulation of Circulation is modified, approved by R.D. 1428/2003, of November 21 (“B.O.E.” September 5).