1. The stopping or parking of a vehicle on interurban roads must always be made outside the road, on the right side of it and leaving free the walkable part of the hard shoulder (article 38.1 of the articulated text).

When, in an emergency, it is not possible to locate the vehicle outside the road and the passable part of the hard shoulder, the rules contained in the following articles of this chapter and those provided in article 130, as applicable, shall be observed.


2. When on urban roads it has to be done on the road or on the hard shoulder, the vehicle will be located as close as possible to its right side, except on one way roads, where parking can also be done on the left side (article 38.2 of the articulated text).

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Remember that if the street is two-way, you cannot stop or park on the left side, since you would be doing it in the opposite direction of the vehicles.


The ordinances issued by the municipal authorities in accordance with the conditions of Article 93 must also be observed.