1. The stop-and-park system on urban roads shall be regulated by municipal ordinance, and the necessary measures may be taken to avoid traffic jams, including parking time limitations, as well as the precise corrective measures, including the withdrawal of the vehicle or its immobilisation when it is not provided with a title that enables parking in areas limited in time or exceeding the authorisation granted until the identification of the driver is achieved (article 38.4 of the articulated text).


When we talk about “parking time limitations”, we are talking about the “blue zone”; areas where parking is only allowed for a limited time, after payment of a fee in one of the parking metres installed on the street.


Once the amount has been paid, we must display the parking ticket in a visible place on the dashboard. It will be cause for immobilisation and even taking the vehicle away, if you either fail to display the ticket, or exceed the authorised time without having renewed the ticket.


Once the driver is identified, they will be sanctioned, having to pay the town truck and deposit expenses in case the vehicle is moved to the municipal pound until the driver is identified.


2. In no case may the municipal ordinances oppose, alter, distort or induce confusion with the precepts of this regulation.