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Article 114 Doors

1. It is forbidden to keep the doors of the vehicle open, open them before the vehicle has come to a complete stop or open them or get out of the vehicle without having previously ascertained that this does not entail danger or hindrance to other users, especially bicycles (Article 45 of the articulated text)

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The boot or tailgate of the vehicle is considered another door, in certain types of boot it is prohibited to drive with it open or semi-open when transporting some type of cargo that prevents it from closing. In this case, people must place the load on the roof on a roof rack or look for another vehicle as all doors must be completely closed before starting the vehicle.   


2. As a general rule, a vehicle must be entered and left on the side closest to the edge of the road and only when it is stopped.


3. Any unauthorised person should refrain from opening the doors of vehicles intended for the collective transport of passengers, as well as closing them at stops, hindering the entry of passengers.





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