Article 115 Engine shutdown

by Mark Nolan

1. Even if the driver does not leave their position, they must stop the engine whenever the vehicle is stopped inside a tunnel or in a closed place and during fuel loading (article 46 of the articulated text).

2. Any driver who is obliged to remain with their vehicle stopped inside a tunnel or other closed place, for a period of time exceeding two minutes, must switch off the engine until they can continue their journey, keeping the position lighting on.

Inside a tunnel or inside an underground parking lot of a shopping centre, traffic jams sometimes occur, either because of an incident or by a massive influx of vehicles (sales or holidays). In these cases if we can see that the traffic is not moving we must turn off the vehicle´s engine until we see that the vehicles begin to move.


Remember that not shutting down the engine but leaving at least the lights on can be a reason for sanction. We must make the car visible to other users, and turning off the engine will prevent the accumulation of toxic gases harmful to health in closed areas.    


3. In order to load fuel in the tank of a vehicle, the engine must be off.

The owners of fuel distributors or employees of the latter will not be able to provide fuels for their cargo if the engine is not stopped and the lights of the vehicles are turned off, the electric systems such as the radio and the devices emitting electromagnetic radiation such as mobile telephones.


Apart from being a reason for sanction, remember that at the gas station you can be refused being served fuel if you refuel with lights on, radio on or talking on your mobile.        


4. In the absence of the owners of fuel distributors or employees of the latter, the driver of the vehicle or, where appropriate, the person who will load the fuel in the vehicle must meet the same requirements established in the previous section.

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