Home SECTION III OTHER RULES OF MOVEMENT CHAPTER IV PEDESTRIANS Article 125 Rules relating to motorways (autopistas y autovías)

Article 125 Rules relating to motorways (autopistas y autovías)

by Mark Nolan

1. The movement of pedestrians on motorways is prohibited, except in the cases and conditions determined in the following sections.

Drivers of vehicles travelling on motorways must ignore the requests for passage received in any section of them, including the esplanades of toll stations.

‘Hitch-hiking’ is forbidden, and the driver of the vehicle that stops to pick up people who were trying to hitch-hike, will be sanctioned.       


2. If in case of incident, breakdown, physical discomfort of the occupants or other emergency, a vehicle has to be immobilised on a motorway and it is necessary to request assistance, the nearest distress post will be used, and if the road is not equipped with this service the driver may require the help of others, without any of the occupants of the vehicle having to cross the road.


3. The occupants or servers of the vehicles of the emergency or special services may walk on the motorways whenever it is strictly indispensable for the provision of the corresponding service and adopt the appropriate measures so as not to compromise the safety of any road user.

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