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Article 126 General rules

In the roads subject to the legislation on traffic, motor vehicle traffic and road safety, only the movement of working animals, cargo or saddles, heads of cattle in herd or flock will be permitted, when there is no route available for livestock and provided they are supervised by someone. This transit should be carried out by the alternative route that has less intensity of movement of vehicles and in accordance with what is established in this chapter (article 50.1 of the articulated text).

The animals will always be accompanied by a person, who will be responsible for guiding them, as well as monitoring their safety. They must meet the standards set for the animals, when crossing or using the road.

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You can see three different types of signs, all indicate that the road you are travelling on is a road where you may find animals crossing the road and that they have priority over vehicles. In these sections, the speed is usually limited to avoid collisions.    





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