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Article 132 Obedience of signs

by Mark Nolan

1. All users of the routes covered by the law are obliged to obey the traffic signs that establish an obligation or a prohibition and adapt their behaviour to the message of the rest of the regulatory signs that are in the roads through which they move.

For these purposes, when the sign imposes an obligation to stop, the driver of the vehicle will not be able to resume movement, and must remain stopped until they have fulfilled the requirements established by the signage.


“Stop” Sign; How long should I stop at a stop sign? You must completely stop the vehicle and once done, you can commence movement again. On motorcycles the stop is considered done once the vehicle is stopped, and the biker puts one foot on the ground.


The vehicles that use dynamic tolls or electronic tolls must be provided with the technical means that enable their use under operating conditions (article 53.1 of the articulated text).

When you arrive at a toll, you should pay attention to the toll symbols, they are; manual payment, with card, and electronic toll collection and enter the entrance for the option you have chosen to continue the journey. The act of entering the wrong lane and having to back out will be a cause for sanction. It is not possible to make use of an electronic toll booth unless a payment device is installed in the vehicle.    


2. Except for special circumstances that justify it, users must obey the prescriptions indicated by the signs, even when they seem to be in contradiction with the rules of behaviour in movement (article 53.2 of the articulated text).


3. Users must obey the indications of the traffic lights and vertical traffic signs immediately to their right, above the road or above their lane, and if they do not exist in the aforementioned locations and intend to turn left or continue in front, those that are located immediately to the left.


If there are traffic lights or vertical traffic signs with different indications to the right and to the left, those who want to turn left or continue straight ahead should only obey those immediately to their left.

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