Article 142 Obligations concerning signalling

by Mark Nolan

1. The owner of the road or, where appropriate, the authority in charge of regulating traffic will order the immediate withdrawal and, where appropriate, the replacement of the adequate anti-regulation signs installed, of those that are no longer needed and those who do not comply because of their deterioration (article 58.1 of the articulated text).


2. Except for justified reasons, no one should install, remove, move, hide or modify the signalling of a road without permission from its owner or, where appropriate, the authority in charge of regulating traffic or responsible for the facilities (article 58.2 of the articulated text).


3. It is forbidden to modify the content of the signs or place plaques, posters, marks or other objects over them or near them that may lead to confusion, reduce their visibility or effectiveness, dazzle road users or distract their attention, without respecting the powers of the road owners (article 58.3 of the articulated text).


You cannot place any type of advertising, or information posters temporarily next to traffic signs without authorisation from the owner of the road. Doing so without permission could give rise to a sanction of up to 3000 euro.


The autonomous body Central Traffic Headquarters or, where appropriate, the regional or local authority responsible for traffic regulation may alter, at any time, the content of the signals referred to in article 144.1 to adapt them to changing traffic circumstances, without limiting the capability of the owners of the roads.


4. The cases of withdrawal or deterioration of the permanent or occasional signage will be considered as serious infringements, as foreseen in article 65.4.f) of the articulated text.


Please note that the reference to article 65.4.f) must be understood as made to article 65.4.d), as established in the third final provision of this Regulation, introduced by section ten of the single article of the R.D. 965/2006, of September 1, by which the General Regulation of Circulation is modified, approved by R.D. 1428/2003, of November 21 (“B.O.E.” September 5).

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