Traffic lights in lanes exclusively affect the vehicles that travel in the lane on which they are located or on the one indicated on the variable signalling panel, and the meaning of their lights is as follows:


A) A red signal in the form of a cross determines the prohibition to occupy the indicated lane. The drivers of vehicles that are in that lane must leave it in the shortest possible time.


B) A green signal in the form of an arrow pointing down indicates that the driver is allowed to travel in the corresponding lane. This authorization to use the lane does not exempt vehicles from the obligation to stop at a circular red light or, by exception to the provisions on the order of precedence in Article 133, to obey any other signal or road marking that requires one to stop or give way, or, in its absence, compliance with the general rules on priority.


C) A white or yellow signal in the shape of an arrow, intermittent or fixed, pointed downward obliquely, indicates to the users in the corresponding lane that they need to safely enter the lane towards which the arrow points, as the lane they are moving through will soon be closed.