1. When the signals on the traffic lights have the illuminated silhouette of a bicycle, their indications refer exclusively to cycles and mopeds.


Not stopping at a red light will see a cyclist rider liable for a fine of 200 euro and a moped rider, in addition, the loss of four points.


2. When, exceptionally, the traffic light consists of a white stripe illuminated on a black circular background, its indications refer exclusively to trams and regular buses, unless there is a lane reserved for buses, taxis and other vehicles; in that case, they only refer to those who drive through it. The meaning of these traffic lights is as follows:


A) An illuminated horizontal white line prohibits the passage under the same conditions as the fixed red light does


B) An illuminated vertical white stripe allows the driver to carry straight on.


C) An illuminated oblique white stripe, towards the left or to the right, indicates that the driver may turn to the left or to the right, respectively.


D) A white, vertical or oblique stripe, illuminated intermittently, indicates that the aforementioned vehicles must stop under the same conditions as if it were a fixed yellow light.