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Article 150 Object, classes and common rules

1. Regulatory signs are intended to indicate to users of the road the obligations, limitations or special prohibitions that they must observe.


2. Regulatory signs are subdivided into:


A) Priority signs.


B) Signs of prohibition of entry.


C) Signs of restriction of passage.


D) Other signs of prohibition or restriction.


E) Signs of obligation.


F) End of prohibition or restriction signs


3. Regulatory signs placed next to or vertically on a sign indicating the name of the town mean that the regulation applies to the whole town, unless the regulation indicates otherwise by other signs in certain sections of the road.


4. The obligations, limitations or special prohibitions established by the regulatory signs shall govern from the cross section where said signs are placed, except that by means of a complementary panel placed below them, indicating the distance to the section where the cited signs begin to apply.

Subsection 2 Regulatory signals




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