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Article 164 Other signs

Other indication signs are the following:


S-900. Fire danger. Warns of the danger of lighting a fire.


S-910. Extinguisher. Indicates the location of a fire extinguisher.


S-920. Entry to Spain. Indicates that you have entered Spanish territory by a road from another country.


S-930. Confirmation of the country. Indicates the name of the country to which the road is going. The figure at the bottom indicates the distance at which the border is located.


S-940. Speed limits in Spain. Indicates the generic speed limits in the different road classes and urban areas in Spain.


S-950. Radio frequency of specific information broadcasters on roads. Indicates the frequency to which the radio frequency receiver must be connected in order to receive information.


S-960. Emergency telephone. Indicates the location of an emergency telephone.


S-970. Siding. Indicates that there is a fire extinguisher and emergency telephone in a lay-by.


S-980. Emergency exit. Indicates the situation of an emergency exit.


S-990. Arrow to indicate emergency sign in tunnels. Indicates the direction and distance to an emergency exit.

Subsection 3 Indication signs




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