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Article 170 Other marks and inscriptions in white

The system and meaning of other brands and inscriptions in white are the following:


A) Fork. Announces to the driver that they are approaching a fork in the road, with a possible readjustment of the total number of lanes before and after it.


B) The letters “P” and “N” indicate the proximity of a level crossing.


C) Reserved lanes. Indicates that a lane or area of the road are reserved, temporarily or permanently, for a particular type of vehicles such as buses (bus), taxis and cycles.


D) Start mark of reserved lane. Indicates the beginning of a lane reserved for certain vehicles.


E) Cyclist track mark. Indicates a cycle path or cycle path.


F) Lines and parking marks. They show the places or zones of parking, as well as how vehicles must occupy them.


G) Chevrons. An area marked by parallel oblique strips framed by a continuous line means that no driver must enter with their vehicle or animal in the aforementioned area, except when forced to do so.


H) Roadway edge line. This makes the edge of the road more visible.


I) Other white markings or inscriptions on the road repeat signal indications or provide users with useful indications.





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