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Introduction From a Traffic Police Officer

by Mark Nolan
Traffic Police Officer

My name is Francisco Javier Morales Herrera, I am a traffic police motorcyclist and this is my story.


Since 2007, I have been based in the city of Torrevieja (Alicante), located south of the Valencian community, southeast of Spain. A place that, because of its climate and geographical situation, is chosen every year by thousands of people who decide to spend their holidays, or to relocate to Spain.


Over the years, patrolling the roads of the province of Alicante, I have often noticed that foreign drivers are not aware that they are violating traffic laws, leading to infractions or accidents, which could have been avoided with adequate knowledge of the current regulations in our country.


Infractions such as transporting a child under 135cm in the front seat, wearing a Bluetooth earphone in one ear, towing a car behind a caravan or not signalling a load protruding from the rear of a vehicle, are common infractions in Spain committed by foreigners, but in other countries of the European Union they are not sanctionable since they are totally legal practices.


Access to information must be a right to which all citizens have, regardless of their country of origin, so I decided to carry out a translation of the Road Safety Act into English so that no more violations occur or accidents due to lack of knowledge and thus improve road safety on our roads.


Translating the law into English, we can reach millions of people, who can consult our laws before coming to Spain, and be informed about any questions that may arise in terms of traffic issues.


In addition, being an ebook, we can read this law on our mobile device, and consult it at any time. Being in an electronic format, it will allow us to update it instantly with any change or modification that may occur.


As police officers, we are an example of a commitment to society, so we have an obligation and duty to respond to the demands that it poses. Therefore, with a community that currently exceeds 101 nationalities in the province of Alicante, I firmly believe that more than a right, it is almost an obligation to offer them, traffic legislation translated into English.


I hope this eBook helps to improve the safety of our roads, and helps those interested to better understand Spanish traffic law.


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