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Introduction from the Web Editor

by Mark Nolan

My name is Mark Nolan and currently, I am a journalist, reporter living and working in Spain.

Before leaving the UK, I spent some time as a driving instructor, which included months of intensive training in the processes and laws of driving in the UK, so as to understand, with great intimacy, the rules of the road. The training regime also includes strict theoretical and practical elements in which the learning is put to the test, to ensure that the information passed onto student drivers, many of whom are just starting out on their literal road to obtaining a licence, but others who have tried for many years.

As a journalist and broadcaster, getting information across to the maximum number of people possible, and in a clear and concise manner, is key to the role. This particular function also followed on from my knowledge and formal education into direct marketing.

I am not writing this to offer you my CV, but to point out how the elements of information dissemination, and driver training, have proved useful in my involvement in the N332 project, as I am able to get the accurate information checked and often provided by the traffic police officers out to the maximum number of people in one go, thus (we hope) avoiding the ‘man in the pub’ scenario and prevent the spread of myths.

I am of course a keen driver, and keen to make sure that the practice, often taken for granted, is done in as safer way possible, and, being able to identify the differences between the processes and laws of Spain and the UK, as well as other countries, some of which are subtle, others which a major differences, allows me to make sure that the message is correct and that we can all share the same objective, to make the roads safer for all.

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