1. On roads with two-way traffic and hard shoulders, when the width of the road allows it, the traffic authorities may enable an additional lane of traffic to be used by vehicles in the centre of the road, in one of the directions of travel, by using provisional signalling and cones.

Enabling this additional lane of traffic means, by using both hard shoulders, having two lanes in one direction of travel and one in the other direction. In any case, this circumstance will be duly signalled. Vehicles travelling on the hard shoulders, and on said additional lane, will do so at a maximum speed of 80 kilometres per hour and a minimum of 60 kilometres per hour, or lower if so established or specifically signalled, and they must use at least dipped headlights or emergency lighting (hazard lights), both day and night, and should observe, as applicable, the rules contained in the previous article.


2. Drivers of vehicles travelling in the direction opposite to that stipulated or in violation of the speed limits will be considered to be guilty of very serious infractions, in the first case, and serious or very serious infractions, as appropriate, in the case of excessive speed.