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Article 78 Execution of the manoeuvre

1. The driver of a vehicle that intends to change its direction must choose a suitable place to perform the manoeuvre, so that the road is intercepted in as little time as possible. The driver also must make their intentions known by giving the right signs with plenty of notice, and ensure that no other road users will be endangered or hindered. If this is not the case, they must refrain from performing this manoeuvre and wait for the opportune moment to carry it out. If, while waiting to change direction, the driver is blocking the road and preventing vehicles from moving behind them, they must move towards the right, if possible, until the driving conditions allow them to continue (article 29 of the articulated text).

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2. The signals that the driver of the vehicle must use warn their intention to change direction are those provided in article 109.


3. Infringements of the rules of these requirements will be considered a serious matter, as foreseen in the article 65.4.c) of the articulated text.





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