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Article 101 Short-range and headlights

1. All motor vehicles and mopeds that are driving between sunset and sunrise on urban or interurban roads that are illuminated, or at any time of the day through tunnels, underpasses and sections of roads affected by the signal “Tunnel” (S-) 5) which are sufficiently illuminated, should have headlights on, in addition to side or position lighting, or full beam if used.

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If you drive a vehicle that has automatic lights, make sure you have them correctly set, since many drivers when going through tunnels do not turn on the lights thinking that they were activated automatically creating a danger for other users. You can also do it manually, so if you are going to drive a car that is not yours please find out how the lights are activated and deactivated since you never know when you will need to use them.


Likewise, you must use headlights in the villages, when the road is insufficiently illuminated.


2. All motor vehicles and mopeds must have short-range or headlights on when driving between sunset and sunrise on insufficiently lit interurban roads or at any time of day through tunnels, underpasses and other insufficiently lit sections affected by the “Tunnel” signal when any of the following circumstances occur:


A) No long-range lighting.


B) Driving at a speed not exceeding 40 kilometres per hour and not using long-range lighting.


C) Possibility of producing glare to other road users.

3. Scenarios in which glare occurs to other road users without illuminating the road in a situation of lack or reduction of visibility will be considered serious infractions, as foreseen in article 65.4.e) of the articulated text.





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