1. Any vehicle that, for any reason, is immobilised between sunset and sunrise or under the conditions referred to in article 106, on a road or hard shoulder of a road, must have the position lights on and, for those vehicles which qualify, height lighting.


2. Any vehicle stopped or parked between sunset and sunrise on the roadway or hard shoulder of an under-lit crossing must have the position lights on, which may be replaced by the parking lights, or by the two position lights of the corresponding side of the road, when it is parked in line.


Parking lights: These are optional lights installed on some vehicles


3. On urban roads that are not “travesías”, it will not be mandatory for parked vehicles to have the position lights on when the lighting allows other users to distinguish them at a sufficient distance.


4. The immobilisation, stopping or parking of a vehicle without lighting in situations of lack or reduced visibility will be considered serious infringements, as foreseen in article 65.4.e) of the articulated text.