Road works that hinder road traffic in any way must be marked, both day and night, and luminously marked during the night hours, or when the weather or environmental conditions so require, by the director of the work, according to the regulation established for these purposes by the Ministry of Development.


When road works sections are marked, the road markings will be yellow. The following vertical signs will also have the yellow background:


A) The warning signs of danger P-1, P-2, P-3, P-4, P-13, P-14, P-15, P-17, P-18, P-19, P -25, P-26, P-28, P-30 and P-50.

B) Regulatory signals R-5, R-102, R-103, R-104, R-105, R-106, R-107, R-200, R-201, R-202, R-203 , R-204, R-205, R-300, R-301, R-302, R-303, R-304, R-305, R-306, R-500, R-501, R-502 and R -503.

C) The indication signs: all lane and orientation signs.


Its meaning will be the same as that of the equivalents that are used when there are no works.


The shape, colour, design, symbols, meaning and dimensions of the signs of road works are those that appear in the official catalogue of road signs. The form, symbols and nomenclature are also included in Annex I of this regulation.