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Article 7 Emissions of noise and pollutants

1. Vehicles may not use roads or land subject to traffic regulations if they emit electromagnetic signals with noise levels above the limits set by specific regulations, nor if they have gas or smoke emissions above the set limits, nor if they have been significantly reformed without authorisation.

The police may decide to immobilise the vehicle if it exceeds the legally permitted levels of gases, smoke or noise.

The vehicle’s immobilisation will only be lifted temporarily for its transfer by tow truck to a garage, and only lifted after that when the selected workshop certifies that the permitted levels are no longer exceeded.

All drivers must cooperate in the tests for possible emission deficiencies.

If police detect a vehicle whose gas, smoke or noise could be above permitted levels they are authorised to take it to the nearest authorised establishment to carry out the inspection work.

2. Motor vehicles and mopeds with unsilenced exhausts without the required silencing device are prohibited from using trunk roads and roads in built-up areas.

These vehicles are also prohibited when the exhaust silencer is incomplete, inadequate, or has deteriorated, or when the gases cause resonance instead of being silenced – also prohibited are vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines without a device that prevents the downward expulsion of unburnt fuel, or which expel fumes that may hinder the visibility of other drivers or be harmful to them.

Traffic police can immobilise any vehicle that exceeds permitted levels of emissions, fumes and noise according to the type of vehicle.

3. The emission of pollutants as referred to in section 1 produced by motor vehicles above the limitations defined in the regulations governing vehicles is prohibited.

4. Equally, such emissions that exceed the levels generally established are forbidden when produced by other pollution sources, whatever their nature.

Specifically, dumping rubbish on road verges is prohibited, as well as being forbidden nearby if there is a danger that the smoke produced by burning rubbish or random fires could approach the road.

Area affected; 100 m on motorways and dual carriageways and 50 m. on other roads





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