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Article 12 Rules regarding bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles

1. Cycles that, by construction, cannot be used by more than one person can nonetheless, when the driver is over the age of adult age, carry a minor of up to seven years of age in an additional seat of an approved type.

Not allowed

Not allowed

Allowed, if the seat is of an approved type

2. On mopeds and motorcycles, an additional passenger may travel in addition to the driver and, if applicable, the sidecar occupant, provided that this is stated in the driver’s licence or the vehicle’s registration certificate, and provided that the passenger is older than 12 years of age, wears a protective helmet, and meets the following conditions:

A) sits astride with feet resting on the side footrest.

B) uses the relevant seat behind the driver.

Under no circumstances may the passenger sit between the driver and the handlebars of the moped or motorcycle.

3. In exceptional circumstances, passengers over the age of seven may ride on motorcycles or mopeds driven by a parent or guardian, or by another adult authorised by them, provided that they wear an approved helmet and meet the conditions of the previous section.

4. Motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles, mopeds and cycles and bicycles may tow a trailer or semi-trailer provided they do not exceed 50% of the unladen weight of the towing vehicle and meet the following conditions:

A) that they travel by day and in conditions which do not prejudice good visibility

B) that the speed at which they travel is reduced by 10% from that established in Article 48 for the vehicle concerned.

C) that under no circumstances are people carried in the vehicle being towed.

Children may not be carried in trailers on roads and/or hard shoulders, nor the “trail gator” that allows a child’s bicycle to be connected to an adult’s, since the child’s bike is then considered to be a trailer, the use of both being limited to urban areas specified in municipal bylaws.

On roads in built-up areas, bylaws will apply.





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