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Article 9 Transport of people

A vehicle may carry as many passengers as seats stated in its documentation. Since it is obligatory for children to use a child restraint system, each child, regardless of age, occupies a seat in the vehicle.

Children must not be carried in arms of another person. Children may not be breastfed while the vehicle is neither in motion, nor on a road’s hard shoulder because this is for emergency use only. You must leave the road and look for a place with appropriate conditions of safety.

1. The number of passengers carried in a vehicle may not exceed the number of authorised places, which in public service vehicles and buses must be shown on signs inside the vehicle. Under no circumstances should the combined weight of travellers and luggage exceed the vehicle’s maximum authorised weight.

2. For the purposes of computing the number of passengers carried in vehicles authorised for school transport and minors, the provisions of the specific regulations on the subject will apply.

All pupils must occupy a seat regardless of their age, and if the bus has belts, they must use them.

3. Offences against these limits, assuming a passenger excess of 50% over the authorised places, excluding driver and conductor, and with the exception of city and intercity buses, will be treated as Very Serious, and the vehicle will be immobilised by traffic police until the situation is rectified.





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