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Article 10 Placement of, and provisions for, passengers

1. It is forbidden to carry passengers in positions other than those intended and equipped for them.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous section, people may travel in the cargo hold of goods transport vehicles under the specific conditions governing them.

When the goods area has a folding seat with safety belts, and this is detailed in the vehicle’s documentation, the seats can be used for passengers.

3. Vehicles authorised to carry both people and cargo must be provided with sufficient containment for the load so that it does not obstruct the occupants nor harm them if it moves.

Such containment will be in line with the specific regulations governing the vehicles.

Failure to carry such protection will be grounds for immobilising the vehicle, with the driver being unable to continue until the incident is resolved, either by installing effective protection or by transferring the load to another vehicle.

“Adequate protection” is understood as the installation of a mechanism; net, grille, bars … set behind the front seats, separating the cargo and passenger areas, protecting them in case the cargo shoots forward.

4. Failure to install the containment referred to above will be subject to a fine.





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