1. Drivers of vehicles or bicycles who have ingested or incorporated into their bodies psychotropic drugs, stimulants or other similar substances, among which will be included, in all cases, medicines or other substances under whose effect the appropriate physical or mental condition appropriate to driving without danger is altered, are not allowed to drive on roads subject to the legislation on traffic, movement of motor vehicles and road safety.

Incorrectly, we usually associate drug use with the ones that are positive in this type of test, but today there are many drivers who are prescribed a medication that alters their driving abilities to the extent that they risk being reported.

Always consult the expert; doctor, herbalist, pharmacist, as to whether the medicine that you are going to acquire can affect you when driving.

Remember that by law this type of medication must show a warning symbol on the box that whilst it is being used it is not possible to drive.

The combination of several medications could also cause an influence on driving; please always consult your expert if it will affect you when driving.

2. Infractions to the regulations of this rule will be considered as very serious.

Drivers who are repeat offenders will also be penalised 1.000 euro.