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Article 52 Management of speeds

1. The following shall have their maximum speeds indicated in the previous articles managed :


A) Through corresponding signals.


B) Certain drivers due to their personal circumstances.


Codigo 105/ Code 105:


Velocidad máxima limitada, por causas administrativas / Maximum permitted speed limited for administrative reasons


01, 70 kilómetros por hora / 70 kilometres per hour.

02, 80 kilómetros por hora / 80 kilometres per hour.

03,90 kilómetros por hora / 90 kilometres per hour.

04,100 kilómetros por hora / 100 kilometres per hour.

C) Novice drivers.


Since 2011, novice drivers are not subject to a reduced speed limit. Prior to that date, new drivers were limited to a maximum of 80 kilometres per hour.

D) Certain vehicles or groups of vehicles due to their special characteristics or the nature of their cargo.


2. In the cases included in paragraph b) of the previous section and in article 48.1.c) and d), it will be mandatory to carry, on the rear part of the vehicle, visible at all times, the speed limit signal referred to in Article 173.

3. Infractions will be considered serious or very serious, as appropriate for speeding, as provided in articles 65.4.c) and 65.5.e), both of the articulated text.





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