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Article 48 Maximum speeds on roads out of town


1. The maximum speeds that must not be exceeded, except in the cases provided for in Article 51, are the following:


Passenger cars, motorcycles, motor homes with a maximum authorised mass of 3,500 kg or less, pick-ups

Trucks, tractors, vans, motor homes with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 3,500 kg, articulated vehicles, cars with trailers and other vehicles

Buses, vehicles derived from passenger cars and adaptable mixed vehicles

Motorways (Autopistas y autovías)




Conventional roads





1) On conventional roads with a physical separation between the two directions of traffic, the managers of the road may set a maximum limit of 100 kilometres per hour for cars, motorcycles and motor homes with maximum authorised mass equal to or less than 3,500 kg.

2) For three-wheeled vehicles assimilated to motorcycles, the same speed limits that are established for two-wheeled motorcycles apply.

b) For vehicles that performing school transport and carrying children or transporting dangerous goods, the maximum speed set in paragraph a) will be reduced by 10 kilometres per hour, depending on the type of vehicle and the road it is travelling.

In the event that a bus is carrying standing passengers, if authorised, or in the event that the bus is not equipped with a seat belt, the maximum permitted speed on conventional roads will be 80 kilometres per hour.

c) For special vehicles and vehicle assemblies, even if only one of the elements that make up the assembly is of such nature:

1) If they do not have braking signalling, they have a trailer or they are power tillers: 25 kilometres per hour.

2) The remaining special vehicles: 40 kilometres per hour, except when they can develop a speed higher than 60 kilometres per hour on level ground according to their characteristics, and meet the conditions indicated in the regulations governing vehicles; in this case, the maximum speed will be 70 kilometres per hour.

d) For vehicles under special transport, as indicated in annex III of this regulation.

e) For cycles, two and three wheeled mopeds and light quadricycles: 45 kilometres per hour. However, bicycle riders may exceed this maximum speed in those sections in which the circumstances of the road allows them to develop a higher speed.

f) On unpaved roads, the maximum speed limit will be 30 kilometres per hour.

g) Vehicles that, for reasons of testing or experimentation, have been granted a special permit for testing may exceed the maximum speed set at 30 kilometres per hour, but only within the fixed itinerary and in no case when they travel through urban roads, crossings or sections where there is specific signage that limits speed.

h) Three-wheeled and quadricycle vehicles on any type of road where their movement is allowed, the limit of 70 kilometres per hour applies.

2. Violations of the rules of this provision will be considered as serious or very serious, as appropriate for speeding, as provided in articles 76.a) and 77.a), both of the rewritten text of the Tráfico, Circulación de Vehículos a Motor y Seguridad Vial.

Last update published on 29/12/2018, effective as of 29/01/2019.






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