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Article 49 Minimum permitted speeds in and out of towns and villages

1. The normal driving of a vehicle must not be obstructed by a slow-moving vehicle driving at an abnormally reduced speed without a good reason. Thus travelling on motorways at a speed of less than 60 kilometres per hour is prohibited, and on other roads, it is not permitted to drive at a speed less than half of the general limit indicated for each category of vehicles in this chapter, even if no other vehicles are on the road.


2. It is permitted to drive below minimum speed limits in the cases of special vehicles and when the traffic circumstances dictate, a vehicle or road prevent maintaining a speed above the minimum, without risk to the movement of vehicles, as well as in cases to protect or accompany other vehicles for which the speed needs to be adapted to that of the accompanied vehicle.

In these cases, the escort vehicles must show V-21 or V-22 signs on the upper part, as applicable, as written in article 173.

3. When a vehicle cannot reach the minimum speed required and there is a danger, they must use their emergency hazard lights.


4. Violating these rules will be considered serious.





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